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When the hot summer temperatures arrive, you count on your air conditioner to keep you cool and Essential Heating & Air is a heating and cooling company here to help ensure that it does. We offer our services throughout most of Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties and can install a replacement central air conditioner or new ductless air conditioner. We also provide maintenance and repair services for your existing system. Essential Heating & Air provides in-home AC installation consultations at no charge and without obligation. We can explore all of the options available to you and help you make the best choice for you and your home. Call us today at 856-787-0007 or contact us online with any questions and to set up your appointment.

What is a Ductless System?

In case you don’t know, a ductless or mini split air conditioning system is a lot like a central air conditioner system. Most mini splits also prodide heat. They both consist of two units: a condenser that sits outside the home, and an evaporator/air handler that sits inside the home. Refrigerant passes between the two units, carrying the heat from indoors to the outdoor unit where it is released.

With a central air system, however, the cool air is blown through the air handler or furnace into the your ductwork, where it is carried into the rest of the house. A ductless system uses slim line-set and cable between the condenser and a unit on your wall, and no ductwork is involved.

Here are some questions we ask our customers to help them decide which type is the best match for their home and needs.

Do You Have Existing Ductwork?

This is the main decision maker for most people. If you have ductwork in your home already, it will be more cost effective to stay with a central system.

If you have no ductwork, a ductless system should be considered. There will also be much less construction mess: all you need is a 3-inch hole in the wall to run the line-set and cable through. Ductless systems are also great for homes with new additions that aren’t connected to the ductwork that runs through the rest of the house.

Will You Mind Looking at Your Air Conditioner?

When you’re indoors, a central AC is invisible. A ductless system, however, requires a slim unit on the wall or along the floor. Other types can also mount in the ceiling. While the manufacturers go to a lot of trouble to make the boxes as stylish as possible, there is still something to see.

Are You Sensitive to Noise?

Generally speaking, ductless systems are very quiet. If noise levels matter to you, be sure to ask your technician for the noise level (in decibels) for any systems you’re considering.

How Important is Energy Efficiency to You?

Now this is a bit of a loaded question, because with central air the quality of the ductwork and the installation job play a huge role in helping a central system reach its efficiency potential.

For example, if the ductwork wasn’t designed well (more twists and turns than needed) or if it isn’t sealed properly and air is leaking, the efficiency of a central system drops. In terms of installation quality, the technician has to do things like ensure the right level of refrigerant, system equipment matches, proper blower settings, etc.

All that being said, many ductless systems have a higher potential energy efficiency (currently up to 42 SEER) than the best central systems.

Do You Need Individual Zoning Control?

Do you have some areas of your home that get much warmer or cooler than others or different family members like different temperatures? With ductless systems, each zone has its own independed temperture control.

Do You Need Supplemental Heating as Well?

Most ductless systems aren’t just an air conditioner, they are what’s called a ‘heat pump’. That means when it gets cold outside, many can provide heat when temperatures are -5 degrees outside.

More questions? We’re Here for You!

While this just a general guide, it’s always best to talk to a heating and cooling professional to make sure you’re getting all the facts as they relate to your exact home.

Whichever system you’re leaning towards, we’ll make sure you get one that’s matched to your needs and will get you the level of comfort control you are looking for.

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